Oxygen Concentrator AFK-OX-08

Oxygen concentrator AFK-OX-08 is a device that extracts oxygen from atmospheric air. It will typically be an electrically-powered molecular sieve (artificial zeolite) used to separate nitrogen from ambient air. It could be applied widely in the hospitals at all different level, clinics, health centers and family nursing, health care for the old person, mental workers and students, etc.


High Concentration

High oxygen concentration, reaching national medical standards

Adjustable Flow

1-7L Adjustable Flow.
Meet the needs of different people for oxygen supplement

Touch LCD Screen

Clear viewing
High-definition large screen
Easy to read and operate

Light and Convenient

Light, small and convenient, suitable for a variety of scenarios


Power Supply Pressure: The Oxygen Pressure: Weight:

Overall Dimensions:

220V  50Hz/60Hz 30-60kPa 7.2 Kg 335*275*370mm
Purity: Outlet Pressure: The Input Power: Consumed Power
93% (±3%) 0.04-0.07MPA(6-10PSI) 200VA 125VA


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